16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit Them! Number 16 Is Gross

We women are extremely secretive and we totally agree with it. Women do certain gross things but will never admit it and there is nothing you can do to make them admit it. In fact, a number of women can take a secret to the grave and you’ll never know they even had hidden secrets!

Well, the types of gross things discussed here are some things that all women do and are common in all of them. Things that women do but will never talk about it, not even with each other. Obviously, because they are kind of gross things. But hey, we’re human. We can be prim and pretty and complete slobs all at the same time but nobody else has to know that.

Check below 16 things that we all women do but never admit or discuss it with anyone!

1. Putting your used bras in the washing basket but then taking them out to wear them again because all the other you have are uncomfortable.

2. Checking your tampon or sanitary pads after it’s been used.

3. Making a DIY pad with the toilet paper when you’re out of the actual ones.

4. Taking off the bra as soon as we get back home. There’s no great feeling than this.

5. Ugly cry when you’re by yourself for no particular reason and sometimes watching yourself cry in the mirror.

6. Picking round then squeezing out freakishly-long ingrown hair and pimples. That’s so satisfying!

7. Wearing the same clothes for 2 days in a row because you’re not going to meet the same people.

8. Eating a piece of food that has fallen into your cleavage.

9. Sleep with a night light because you’re totally still afraid of the dark.

10. Never throwing away pants with yellow and brown stain because you know you’ll need them on your periods but will never find them when needed.

11. Holding up the breasts while walking down the stairs. It just feels better, especially if you’re wearing no bra.

12. Not actually washing your hair for days and using dry shampoo instead.

13. Practice dancing in front of a mirror before a night out. After all, it’s important.

14. Removing all your pubes and regretting it instantly because you look like an oversized baby.

15. Only shaving your legs when you know they’re going to be on the show.

16. Sniffing the crotch of your jeans and the armpit of your jumper to ascertain if you can get away with another wear before wash day.

1 thought on “16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit Them! Number 16 Is Gross”

  1. Sabrina D. Gardner

    Thinking that several of these actions are “gross” would mean a person must be what my mom would call a “nice-nasty sissy” who’s a bit ignorant, afraid of being their true selves and being comfortable in their own skin. I mean, come on, dancing in front of a mirror for practice, how is that “gross”? Most people are smart for doing such a thing. Sleeping with a night light on, again, “gross”? It’s like they don’t know enough of the English language to use right word to describe alot of these things or are just ignorantly choosing the wrong word. Whoever actually thinks and/or believes alot of this stuff must have always lived in a very rigid, tiny, highly controlled, isolated world or is the the most stuck up snob with their nose in the clouds who actually thinks they must be perfect themselves and have all the money and resources in the world at their disposal to be the most frivolous with anything they come in contact with. A sad, small, person. Pitiable.

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