How To Remove Facial Hair Using Turmeric

 You don’t have money for laser, but you still want to get rid of hair on your face, arms or chest without danger? Try turmeric, used for thousands of years by Indian women (who are brunettes).

How to get rid of hair with turmeric?

For thousands of years, women in India were getting rid of excessive hairiness with this very handy spice. Turmeric makes the hair very thin, and soon, the roots are so weak that hair falls by itself, without expensive treatments.

How to use turmeric to get rid of facial hair

You need a bowl, 2 full tablespoons of turmeric powder (depending on the area you want to cover) and warm water.

Mix the paste, dripping water until you have the right consistency. Wear rubber gloves and apply the paste over the entire surface where you have unwanted hair. Leave for 20 minutes, then wash with a piece of cloth soaked in cold water.

Apply the mask with turmeric daily until you got rid of unwanted hair. When it reappears, repeat the procedure daily. One day, the hair will grow scarcer, harder and finally will stop bothering you at all.

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