4 Ways To Be a Natural Beauty

Stay Natural Without Tons of Time and Toxic Chemicals

You don’t need lots of harsh chemicals, expensive hair products, tons of cosmetics or much time to be a natural beauty.

All you need is just to be yourself and a little bit of everyday magic with simple tips which you can use regularly. Check a list of tips on how to keep your natural beauty created by hair stylists at the best NYC hair salon.

1. General Diet To Be a Natural Beauty

A healthy lifestyle is a ‘must’ for you if you want to look young and fresh as long as possible. Remember to drink a lot of water; it helps you to stay active and hydrated all day.

If you smoke – forget this bad habit. We all know that smoking provokes different types of cancer and premature aging. Besides, it makes your skin looks gray, lifeless and tired. Try to eat the best foods for healthy skin like avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, beets and wild salmon.

You should also eat a handful of nuts and raw seeds – Almonds, cashews, pine and Brazil nuts, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flax seeds. These nuts and seeds can provide you with the vitamins E and A for all the day. They are full of natural fat and oils, vitamins which are so necessary for hair growth and can help to reduce hair and skin dryness.

Make a golden rule for yourself to eat nuts and seeds for a snack instead of harmful chips and sweets.

2. Add Vitamins To Be a Natural Beauty

If your hair doesn’t grow fast and always breaks, try adding vitamin A and E in capsules to your daily ration. Be sure that after one month of such treatment, your nails and hair will look much better.

These vitamins will also help to avoid breaks. Calcium is essential for your beauty, so you need to consume enough amount of this element. You can find pills of pure calcium in any drugstore; if you are ‘100% natural girl’ try to eat more sesame seed and also drink sesame milk.

You should have a strong immunity if you want to look gorgeous and radiant. That’s why you need to keep attention on vitamin C. Of course; you can buy it in capsules in any drugstore… But you can find it in many super tasty foods like tangerines, oranges, lemons, and onions.

The fact is, that onions the champion in the vitamin C content, so if you’re sitting at home and aren’t going out on a date – make a tasty salad with a fresh onion. Only a few slices of onion per day can nourish your body with a daily vitamin C norm.

Tangerines, lemons, and oranges are good too; moreover, they will provide your body with lots of energy for all the day without any coffee.

3. Natural Care Products

Still buying expensive conditioners, masks, and shampoos, but still can’t see the result?

You will never see them, cause all the commercial hair products ads which we see on TV lie to us. They can’t prevent split ends, breakage and moisturize the hair due to the different toxins and alcohol in their content.

Try to be simpler. Use a coconut or cocoa organic oils to moisturize your scalp and hair. Just put a little amount any of these oils on your hair length and massage it into your scalp. Then, put on a plastic cap and wrap it with a bath towel. Wait for 1-2 hours, then use your daily shampoo (remember, that oil can be very fat so maybe you will need to wash hair two times). The great thing is that you will be able to see the result after the first usage.

If you have brittle hair and struggle with hair breakage and loss, try making a mask with a castor and coconut oils. Just combine the oils (remember, that you need to warm the castor oil before usage) and rub it on the scalp, put on a plastic cap on your head and wrap it with a bath towel, wait for approximately 2 hours and wash out all the oil.

Repeating this procedure twice per week will be enough to make your hair strong and avoid hair loss.

4. Avoid Dryness

Try not to wash your hair every day. 2-3 times per week will be enough. If you feel that your tresses are dirty a little bit, just make a simple bun, braid or a classic ponytail. This simple tip will help your hair to be much healthier.

Did you know that water boils at 212 degrees, whereas we use our favorite styling tools at 300-400 degrees? Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Just imagine what we do with our locks every day! Avoid using your tools all the time if you want to have supple and radiant hair.

If you are a hair dryer and a curling or flat iron fan – try to use coconut oil before drying and styling. A little amount of oil can save your hair and make it shine. Remember, over drying is the worst thing you can do! Dry your locks for about 80% and let them air dry while you can take a break and drink a cup of tea.

You should understand that to be a natural beauty isn’t as fast and simple as you think. But, step by step you will see the astonishing results which will be with you for ages.

Commercial hair care products promise us immediate and astonishing results, yes… But they don’t tell us about how our hair will look in 2-3 years after using toxic shampoos, masks, and conditioners. Premature aging, hair loss, hair breakage, thin locks, gray hair – only those things we will see in future! Try to ‘build’ your health and save your tresses right now!

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