Kansa Healing Wand and Course Review

Discover The Most Natural, Chemical-Free Way to Lift Up Your Face

In this article, we take a close look at the Kansa Healing Wand and how you can become educated to use it properly.

The Kansa Healing Wand is a traditional healing tool rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system based on the belief that everything is made up of the qualities of the 5 elements.

  • Space
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
ayurvedic rituals

In their biological form, these elements or energies are known as the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Ayurveda teaches that the majority of mental, emotional, or physical issues are a result of an imbalance in these three energies.

The Kansa Healing Wand is a natural tool to balance these elements (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) to support vitality, promote health, and give you great looking skin. 

What is a Kansa Healing Wand?

If you are unfamiliar with the Kansa Healing Wand, it may strike you as a strange looking kitchen gadget upon first glance. But keep reading to discover how it can give you a more youthful look, stress relief, rejuvenation and much more.Live an Ayurveda Lifestyle

An Easy Guide to Using Ayurveda in Western Daily Life.

Some Highlights of the Kansa include:
  • Completely natural
  • Free of harmful radiation
  • Void of toxic chemicals
  • Made from healing Indian metal
  • Not an electronic gadget

What Are the Healing Benefits of Kansa Wands?

The Kansa Wand is quickly growing in popularity because of its ability to provide a toned look, instantly. 

Its healing power of the wand lies in the historical, golden metal it’s made of – Kansa.

Besides its ability to give a tightened, toned appearance, the Kansa Healing Wand has a variety of other impressive benefits including:

  • Promotes muscle comfort and reduce facial tension
  • Helps to calm the mind and improve mental clarity
  • Reduces occasional stress and muscle fatigue
  • Promotes vitality
  • Encourages the removal of built-up Ama (or the Ayurvedic word for what we may call toxins) in the body
  • Supports a healthy cycle of deep, restful sleep
  • Calms you down

Purchasing a Kansa Healing Wand

Kansa wands are available in a variety of sizes. Traditionally, they are bused on the face, feet, and body, along with Ayurvedic massage oils.

Below is a breakdown of the three sizes and their uses:
Kansa Healing wand
Saver Kansa Wands Pack

Smaller Kansa Face Wand

This face wand, expressly designed for performing facial massage, features a smooth dome surface. It glides gently across sensitive facial skin. The face wand’s smaller surface allows you to easily and accurately reach all areas of the face.

Medium Kansa Face and Body Wand

This slightly larger wand targets the face as well as other points on the body. It features a light, durable handle that allows the user to target specific areas with ease. (No longer available)

Large Kansa Foot Wand

The largest of the three wands features a full, open-shaped dome that works perfectly for targeting the contours of the feet. It has a soft, smooth surface and a specially shaped handle.

You can purchase these three sizes plus the Marma tool as a complete Kansa Tools set. This set saves time and money and allows the user to target all areas of the body.

Kansa Wand Therapy Teaching Program

At first, learning how to perform Kansa Wand Therapy may seem cumbersome. With all the wands to choose from and techniques to learn, proper education is important to get the best results.

So two of my favorite Ayurveda experts, Melanie and Robert Sachs, created a step-by-step Kansa training course. Robert and Melanie have written dozens of books, training manuals and DVD’s and teach worldwide. Melanie’s book, Ayurvedic Beauty Care, was the first of its kind published in the United States.

The Kansa Wand Teaching Program is based on decades of expertise and first-hand experience. Moreover, the teachings have been tested over a 38 year period and have been proven time and time again to produce guaranteed results.

For Personal or Professional Use

The course has been designed to serve the needs of both home users and spa professionals. It includes two sets of demonstrations – One for home purposes and one for use in a spa setting.

Marma Points

It also explains the various energy points throughout the body, known as Marmas.

Marma points are intersections on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, bones, ligaments or joints. These vital points are where the life force energy or prana is most concentrated. When you stimulate these points with a Kansa wand, the body is encouraged to function at its optimal level.

Here is a complete breakdown of everything included in the Kansa Course Set:

  • Intro to Ayurvedic bodywork principles
  • All about Kansa
  • How Kansa works
  • Intro to Marma points and how to open and close them
  • Demo of the four original Kansa tools
  • Caring for the Kansa Wand
  • The Graying Effect
  • Thorough demonstration of the four unique protocols for Kansa massage

Besides the extensive training materials, the set also includes several bonuses:

  • Free text companion
  • Extra demonstrations of a particular protocol designed to relieve anxiety
  • Free digital access

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